August 8, 2011

Year 2: Here We Go!

Me with President Jean-Paul Robert @ Limoges train station

I made it to France! That was quite a journey though, let me tell you. I left my house in New Jersey around 3pm, got to the airport at 3:40pm, to my terminal by 4:10pm, was in my seat on the plane by 7pm, arrived in Lisbon, Portugal at 5:55am (Portugal time), got in line for my Passport Check by 6:15am, got pulled to the front of line because I was about to miss my connecting flight at 6:45am, made it to my gate at 7am, boarded my connecting flight at 7:05am, took off from Lisbon at 7:45am, landed in Paris at 11:30am (Paris time), couldn’t find the person meeting me at the airport until 12:55pm, made it to the train station at 1:45pm (my train left at 1:40pm – causing me to just miss it), waited at the Paris train station until boarding the next train going to Limoges at 5:28pm, got into Limoges at 8:35pm, took a picture with the president of my club at 8:45pm, and finally got to my apartment at 9pm. Wow, even re-typing that makes me want to go lay down.

I actually thought I wouldn’t be jet-lagged since I didn’t go to sleep until almost 11, and had to wake up this morning at 8am for a physical, forcing me to start off here on a normal day’s schedule. That worked until about mid-afternoon when I couldn’t help but doze off for a small three hour nap. Oops.

Today I’m pretty sure I found my favorite spot in Limoges. There is a bridge going over the Vienne River that looks out along the lower part of town which is really, really pretty. I got to see this scene four times this morning, as I drove over the bridge and back while trying to find the supermarket. I can definitely see myself planting on a bench along the river and enjoying a good number of books there this year.

No practice until Thursday; right now the team is undergoing all of our physicals and tests these next couple of days to make sure we’re healthy and good to go.

I am feeling a little more comfortable at this point than I was last year, although I am finding that I’m a little anxious. Mostly I just want to get on the court.

Okay, that’s all for now…I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Good luck hill! so awesome seeing you this summer and forcing you to drink a bottle of wine. Have a great season!