August 9, 2011

On to Day 2!!

my living room
When I first walked into my apartment with the president of the club and one of the committee members I was a little floored to be honest. Not that I didn’t love my Swiss apartment, because I did; that place definitely helped me find myself again and I will always love it for that, but THIS place…

I feel like I’m in the movie Stepbrothers and just got approval from mom and dad to bunk the beds; there’s SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES, including (but not limited to) INNNSAAANNNITTTYYYY, yoga, post-workout stretching, paint-by-numbering (pshhh, don’t think I forgot to bring one of those), floor-sitting, couch sitting, table sitting...I think you get the point. I included some pics just so you can see how amazing this is. So amazing, in fact, that when el presidente was taking me around town today to run some errands and asked me, “the apartment – it is okay?” I couldn’t help but give him a huge smile and say, “Yes! It’s great!” He laughed a little at my response…I think I need to calm down.

I went for a run today along the Vienne River, which really is very pretty. There is a footpath right by the water and a couple of bridges crossing over to either side of the river. I already staked out some benches for my down-time reading spots. One thing that happened while I was running which was really awesome was I ran past this guy who was fishing, saw me, and said, “ABC?” For those of you who don’t know, this actually means something other than proving his knowledge of the alphabet (or the first three letters I guess), the club I’m playing for is called ABC Limousin. It’s pretty cool to be pegged as a basketball player for the town. Needless to say, I’m even more excited now.

I guess the only thing that is weighing on me since arriving, well okay, two things, is I’m really nervous to start practice and I miss my family. Firstly, that whole feeling of not knowing what it might be like truly turns my stomach…good news is I’ll find out on Thursday morning just what to expect. Secondly, this summer was incredibly busy, but I got to spend a lot of time with my family, and it’s weird not giving my mom and dad a hug and kiss goodnight. But hey, every morning I rip another page off of my John Wooden quote calendar, signifying my making it through another day and bringing me one day closer to seeing them all again.


  1. I DIED at laughing at your step brothers reference. Yay large apartment!!!

  2. Haha, thanks Chloe, I figured that would capture my emotion the most accurate way... :-)

  3. Don't forget about the plenty of room you have to play your roll out piano! :) Wish I could fly there right now and couch-sit and floor-sit with you!

  4. Hi Rach! Unfortunately the roll-out piano didn't make this trip =(. Miss you girl!