July 31, 2011

New News

I know I've been MIA for a little bit, but I have some good news to share with you! I recently signed a contract to play for a team in Limoges, France for this upcoming season. Naturally, it was difficult to tell my Swiss teammates, who truly became a home away from home for me, but this advancement in my career was just an opportunity I could not pass up. So off to Limoges I go!

I don't know a whole lot about the place I'm going (other than the fact that Limoges is famous for its china), but I have the next 8 or 9 months ahead of me to figure all that out.

Mr. Big Paws
I'm just about winding down my summer back in the States and preparing to head back over to the other side of the pond. My days are filled with work, working out, and family and friend time until I leave. Oh, and of course I can't forget about my newly adopted kitten either: Lenny/Butterscotch/Butters/Pinkerton/Tuckerton (feel free to help me pick which name should stick)! It'll be hard to say goodbye to this little bugger.



  1. "OH hey Mommy! I'm Rocky Balboa today. KISSES!"

  2. I like the name Tuckerton. Do it! Congratulations on your new basketball team. I hope you get me season tickets ;) When you come back from France can you come visit me with Ms. Minkus? Thanks!!

  3. He does seem to tucker himself out, so maybe that will stick. YES! I would love to come visit you with Ms. Minkus. Maybe you bring her to France BEFORE I come back!?