August 22, 2011

Today I saw a cat on a leash...

All right. I have to share my first awkward moment since coming here.

Well first things first, I did actually see a cat on a leash today, which I've never seen before. At first I thought it was a guy walking a monkey, but when I got closer I recognized my feline friend. The situation reminded me of my friend's dog who has a tendency to "go boneless" (as they say in Psych), or floppy, when she doesn't want to walk. When she's like that my friend usually ends up dragging her across the grass for a good five minutes. The cat's owner was giving a valiant effort to encourage it to get up and walk, but that cat was having no part of it. It just laid there in a ball on the cobblestone ground outside of the cathedral. I wish I had time to take a picture before he saw me, but I'm not so stealthy these days.

Anyways, on to my awkward moment of the day. Last night was brutally hot. I could NOT fall asleep. I even opened my skylight window and surrendered to the fact that the bugs were just going to get me. At around 3am I was drenched and miserable, so I journeyed downstairs. I opened all the windows to my apartment, again telling myself that if I had to choose between bug bites or heat rash, bug bites were probably the way to go. The problem with opening my windows (other than the bugs) is that the noise from the street carries right up into my apartment. I'm three stories up, but it doesn't seem to matter. Needless to say I feel very involved in the people's lives who pass below my street. At around 4:30am I remembered that the other night I saw a bat flying around outside. I then convinced myself that the cricket noise that I'd been listening to for the last 45 minutes was actually said bat, that the bat was going to fly into my window and get caught in my hair and then I'd have to get rabie shots. I put my curtains over the windows so they were still open but there was something to prevent the bat from attacking me up around 5am. The garbage men came precisely at 5:58am. The construction workers came at 6:30am, and there was no getting back to sleep. Basically, my terrible night lead me to be dead tired this morning, delirious, and miserable. I headed to practice at 9:30am disheveled, sweating, and groggy. We started practice with agility drills. After my first rep of the first drill my teammate said, "Hillary, you dropped..." then proceeded to look down at her hand, and hand me a pair of my hot pink underwear. Really Hill? Really. She gave me a really confused look like, 'how did these fall OFF of you?' They must have been mixed up in my jersey when I was getting ready this morning. Anyways, I snatched them and ran them into the locker room and somehow managed to get back to my place before any of our three male coaches took notice of what happened. Maybe I'm stealthier than I thought ;-).

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  1. Hahaha. That story is straight out of Teen Magazine's embarassing moments articles. Great awkward entry!