September 2, 2011

Random Limoges

I have to start this blog by saying I thought there was poop everywhere in least Switzerland provided baggies and people sometimes cleaned up after their dogs, which is more than I can say about Limoges. There is poop on every sidewalk - I constantly have to remind myself to be careful where I step. Oh, and it doesn't smell very good.

Today I saw a cat attack a lizard. I'm pretty sure it thought it was a mouse - I mean, I thought it was a mouse, until the cat became distracted by me and the car that was driving by and dropped it. At that moment I saw that it was definitely a lizard, which I didn't know cats liked. I wonder if lizards taste anything like mice or if it's just the hunt that cats like.

While I was sitting on a bench today playing a very serious game of brickbreaker (with my headphones in), this man walked up to me and asked if I had a cigarette. I told him no. He then proceeded to sit down next to me on my bench. The conversation continued something like this:
Him: Êtes-vous marié?
Me: No I'm not married.
Him: Vous-avez des amis?
Me: Yes, I have friends.
Him: <<French French French>> Los Angeles <<indecipherable French>> Visa <<more French>> la carte.
Me: ...
Him: <<lots more French I didn't understand and some words I did (combien, d'avion, etc.)>>
Me: ... 
Him: Je suis 32. Quel âge? 34?
Me: I'm NOT 34.
Him: Amis? Cafe?
Me: Look at the time, I have to go.

Pardon my French writing, but the actual conversation was pretty long, with a lot of awkward silences. At one point I tried to continue my game of brickbreaker, thinking he would get the point, but instead he took interest and cheered for me after I cleared a level. 

I mentioned that I love my apartment. It's huge and right down the street from the cathedral, which is absolutely breathtaking. The main issues with my apartment though are the noise that comes up from the street (there's a lot of cathedral traffic and a trolley goes by every hour ringing it's annoyingly loud bell lots of times) and the construction going on in the building across from me. Not only have I been waking up to what sounds like someone putting a drill through my skull, but the workers are working on the third floor and can see directly into my apartment. They've watched me cook and eat lunch every day after practice this week. I will not miss them when they're done.

I really hope I don't look like I'm 34 years old already...


  1. Hahahahaha Oh Limoges! It is a crazy ass place. I very frequently would be sitting on those benches in the Cathedral Gardens reading a book, glance up at someone passing by to see if I know them and then they proceed to alternate between awkward conversations and awkward staring contests, even after I'd make a point of looking back down at my book. Also, you learn quickly to look down for poop. It's HORRIBLE! And Limoges tends to have bigger dogs with the homeless people that make poops the size of your head and take up the whole sidewalk.

    Just wait till you have one of those awkward conversations with a Frenchman on the bus who claims to be the Loch Ness Monster...

  2. LOL...doesn't everyone know the Loch Ness Monster lives in Scotland? What was he doing in France, let alone Limoges? Hopefully I won't have to take the bus anywhere, but when I was driving home from practice the other night two dogs ran in front of my car outside the cathedral - no owner in sight. I'm guessing they are the prime poopers!