September 15, 2011

Opening Round

There is nothing quite like the beginning of a season. Tons of thoughts always rush through my head before an opening game: Will I play well? Will we win? Will I remember the plays? Will I get the rotation right on defense? Will I remember everything I need to? Will my teammates be ready? Will there be people in the stands? Will the gym have a positive energy? Will the ball bounce in our direction? Will everyone be on the same page? Needless to say I still get butterflies in my stomach before that first jump ball.

It’s amazing what happens as soon as the ball goes up; it’s like a switch flips and I just completely zone in. I think that’s why I love basketball so much…while I have all the aforementioned things to think about, in the moment, there is no thinking, there is solely ‘being.’

I am so looking forward to playing this weekend. I’m ready to just ‘be.’

1 comment:

  1. 1. yes
    2. I believe so
    3. definitely
    4. yupp
    5. yes
    6. fingers crossed
    7. never can tell
    8. I hope so
    9. yes, if there are no dead spots
    10. yes

    YOU'RE A CHAMP! Good luck tomorrow 34! : )