December 16, 2010

My suitcase is filled with 3/4 chocolate, 1/4 clothes...

Tomorrow’s the big day! I get to head home for the holidays. So today I’m spending the day packing and putting reminders in my phone of things I want to bring back with me from the US. I might be one of the most forgetful people I know. One of my teammates here tells me I’m a perfect fit for the Swiss saying, “when you don't have your head, you have your legs!” The first time she told me this was when I left my UGGS in the gym after a game, then of course another game I forgot my sweat towel (yikes – nobody wants to deal with that)! 

I made this list a while ago, and as I prepare for my departure I’ll be thinking about all these things that I’ll soon get to enjoy again! Here goes:

Things (and yes I know some of these are people but I’m keeping the title as “Things” because it’s all-encompassing and I don’t care if I’m grammatically incorrect right now) I Miss:

Sita Bonita
My family
My other three wheels
My friends
The lack of screaming babies
Dunkin' Donuts
Vito the Chiropractor (CHURRO)
Signs, ingredients, & everything else written in English
Waking up to an alarm clock instead of a baby dropping a marble repeatedly, or a woman jumping around in high heels at 5am...
Convenience stores, specifically 7-11 for all my slurpee needs
Jamin’ out to music in my car
The US dollar
Living in a house
American TV shows and movies that I can watch on a TV (doing everything on my computer is rough)
Knowing how to get places – yesterday I bought the wrong train ticket...AGAIN
Vitamin water
Outback steak
Diversity (and I don't mean the old, wooden ship)
Buffalo wings
Not having to think of words other people will understand during conversations
Halo Farm ice cream
Wilson leather balls
Recognizing town names
Movies without subtitles
Body pillows…lots of them
Eli & Peyton
Z100 and their hilarious phone taps
Miles, cups, and pounds

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