November 14, 2011


Some of the 2,500 fish
 Today I decided to go to the Limoges Aquarium. Ranked #28 of 38 things to do in Limoges, and having a day off from basketball, around 1pm today I thought, “why not?” I put on ‘real people clothes’ (jeans and a sweater as opposed to my normal sweatpants and sweatshirt), popped in my earbuds, and strolled toward town to see “plus de 2,500 poissons!”

Now I didn’t count, so I can’t be sure, but I think they might be falsely advertising the 2,500 fish. First of all, I didn’t need to put on real people clothes, since I was the only person in the entire aquarium. Secondly, if I wanted to, I probably could have run around the whole aquarium in less than 15 seconds. After I got over the realization that it was listed #28 of 38 for a reason, I decided to make the most of my time with the fish.

During my visit, I saw sharks, sting rays, turtles, seahorses, catfish, Nemos, and what I thought were the most disgusting/interesting attraction: eels. There were three eels in a tank together, two of which were white with black spots on them, and the other looking like it came right from Ursella’s underwater lair in The Little Mermaid. I watched them slide over and under one another as they opened and closed their mouths and wondered whether or not they got along with each other like the fish from Finding Nemo did. Gosh, it must suck to live in a tank.

Anyways, the best part of my trip to the aquarium was the English translation of the signs next to the different tanks. My favorite, which I took the time to write down said, “The seas house gods and fabulous monsters (that’s a pretty loaded statement) but they also hide real treasures you can discover…the tank in front of you presents this particular environment as we have recreated it with porcelain debris (naturally, treasures and porcelain debris are basically one of the same) …if you look closely, you might see seaweeds have developed on the porcelain debris. The fish in the tank do not live in a polluted environment (very reassuring, thank you enthusiastic sign!)!”

After seeing the aquarium, I’m a little concerned about what the 29-38th attractions in Limoges entail, but we’ll save those for another day…

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