March 26, 2011

Venice Pt. 4 - Finale!!!

 We woke up the next day ready to head out to the islands surrounding Venice. I had my heart set on seeing the island of Murano, which was notorious for its glass blowing. We hopped on a vaporetto bus, which to my dismay was a little more sunken than I would have liked, and took the thirty minute ride on the water to Murano.
Me by Glass Blown Art
Although this day was probably the least eventful, I’m just going to say it – it was my favorite day in Venice. Dani and I walked around the island looking in shops at all the beautiful jewelry and inventive ways they bedazzled household objects with blowing glass. We saw bottle stoppers, utensils, paperweights, cork screws, glasses, dishes, letter openers, figurines, etc. Each time I saw a new pattern or a new way that the artists used the blowing glass, I was drawn into another store. I’m not usually much of a shopper, but I was just so mesmerized by the different patterns and colors that the island of Murano definitely made me want to be one.
At lunchtime, Dani and I found this little shop that had paninis, gelato, and a bathroom that we didn’t have to pay to use, a major plus (we paid 1.50 Euro to use a public toilet the day before (FYI - paying to go to the bathroom in Europe is typical)). We got our paninis, parked our butts on the ledge of the water, let the sun beat down on us, and just talked.
Dani & Me Eating Our Gelato

If I had to pick a favorite part of a favorite day in Venice – sitting by the water, eating gelato, watching people go by on their boats, and talking in English to Dani  - would be it. I think because life is moving slower in Europe for me, I get to enjoy it more. It’s like Ferris Beuller says, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look once in a while, you could miss it.” I think we sat for over an hour, just taking in the fact that we were in Venice, the fact that we were getting some sun, and the fact that we were with good company. I think this is one of those times where I have to say, “You had to be there,” but looking out over the water, I felt absolutely whole, and that hour or so was perfect for me.
My First Taste of Gelato!
Before I wrap up my trip to Venice, I have to talk about one of the most important parts of the weekend– the gelato. I honestly can’t remember how many scoops of gelato I had throughout the trip, that’s how good it was. I started off with one scoop of mint chocolate chip by the Rialto bridge (which was actually my least favorite scoop and you can still see how excited I am (see right)), then I stopped for some nutella flavored gelato near San Marco Square (amazing), then I had some stracciatella, cookies and cream, cherry, chocolate, pistachio, the list goes on and on. In hindsight, the trip is one big gelato blur. I felt obligated to try a scoop for each one of my family members, friends, pets, and anyone and everyone I could think of who might never make it to Venice. Really, I did a social service I think. Or at least I helped fuel Venice’s economy via gelato :).
Rialto Bridge @ Night
The last thing Dani and I did on our trip was visit the Rialto Bridge at night. Right near the Rialto Bridge there are restaurants all along the Grand Canal where men stand outside trying to persuade you to have a meal. Attempting to have a conversation along that strip of Venice is nearly impossible, as the only thing you hear is, “Dinner for two?” “You eat?” “Eat or drink?” Venetians certainly are pushy. Gondola men are the same way. They stand on corners of the canal and try to lure you in to taking a gondola ride. The feelings these people evoked in me were similar to when I was in Las Vegas and the guys standing on the streets would hit pictures of half-naked ladies together to get my attention. I never knew a gondola ride (even after the Sex on the Gondola shot) or sitting down to eat a meal had such a sexual undertone, but in Venice, they do.
Finally, to conclude my trip to Venice, I’ll leave you with this: some people call it the City of Love, I’m leaning towards the City of Lust, but I think I’ll just go with City Worth Seeing. :)

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