February 4, 2011

How do you rest from rest?

 When I first came over to Switzerland I went through a month of feeling, well, lazy. Last year I was going to graduate school full time, working as an assistant women’s basketball coach, and working about twenty hours a week at the alcohol and drug education program at my university. On top of trying to maintain some kind of workout shape, I guess I would say, yes, I was busy. When I came here and realized that I had one game a week (compared to the two- sometimes three a week in college), and one hour and a half practice (sometimes with a shoot-around in the morning) a day, I realized I was going to have a lot of down time. Learning how to fill my free time and get into a routine that was far less stressful than the year before, took a while to get used to.

In the game last weekend I felt a slight pull in my quad and thought I broke a finger (thank God it’s just a sprain). Those types of little nagging injuries are REALLY annoying, because you can almost run and jump and play, but can’t quite do it the way you want to. Needless to say I had to rest this past week to let my injuries heal up a bit (good timing, since we don’t have a game this weekend).

I went a little stir-crazy. I spent the week doing my relaxation circuit (going to the gym and hitting up the jacuzzi, hammam, and sauna). I am halfway through Little Women and The Power of Now. I brought out my paint by number. I cleaned my apartment. I planned my finances for the future. I started watching Modern Family. I took a bubble bath every night. I went through and deleted old pictures off my camera. I painted my nails, just to spend hours picking off the nail polish. I spent countless hours on facebook and aim. I lingered after I was done at my meals in town longer than usual. I walked slower everywhere I went. I even took my recyclables out.

Last year I would have killed for a week of relaxation. I needed it badly, and like Jessie Spano I felt like “there’s never any time.” Now I am blessed with time…but what to do with it?!? Honestly, I have a really good routine going, and I usually spend my days in a somewhat productive manner. I think not being able to run around and get some serious cardio in though has taken a mental and physical toll on me. Is there such a thing as being too relaxed? I think I’m walking that line…

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