November 3, 2010

My plane neighbor was legally blind two years ago, and now has 20/20 vision...

I am back in Nyon! My Dad's surgery went well, and he actually came home Monday night. He was doing remarkably better each day after the surgery. I'm really glad I went home, I know my family really appreciated having me there and it was good getting to see them.

Going home actually opened my eyes to a couple things: I REALLY like it in Switzerland, and I missed my life here for the few days I was home. I'm going to list things I really like here in a second, but the other thing I realized is that right now is the perfect opportunity to be whole and fully invest in what I'm doing here; there's nothing pulling me in different directions anymore...what a weird, and incredibly relieving feeling.

Nothing too drastic physically changed in Nyon while I was gone (the leaves have fallen off the trees and they are doing more construction around the apartment buildings), but I did notice that I have changed. I felt very different when my plane touched down coming back this time than I did when I first came over in August. I feel like not only do I fit in here, but that this is the only place in the world I want to be right now. Imagine that.

Okay, now for the things I really like here. It's a short list right now, but these things are so important to me and are such a big part of my life. I guess I'll recommend you read it slowly for dramatic effect ;).

Bubble baths.

My French speaking teammates. "I will squat in your flat!" They are SO cute sometimes.

The luxury of time.

Getting in two really good work-outs a day.

Walking everywhere.

Learning how to cook new things.

The dogs.

My little apartment.

Watching the sun set over my mountain.

My waiter and his contagious smile.

The Sunset's food, "meat or fish."

The Coop.

Wine with dinner.

Thinking about ridiculous things.

The cat elevator (believe it or not Macaroon was laying in the hall when I came in and welcomed me back).

That's all for now folks! I'm jet-lagged and going to nap before practice.

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  1. Welcome Home !! So happy to hear you are feeling like you are "home " for now...That's wonderful...enjoy being in such a beautiful place, literally & figuratively...glad you got the candy reading your blog as always...when you stop playing basketball you could be a writer !!!So happy about your to talk to him & he sounds great !!I'm sure you helped get him through his you...Aunt Barbara