September 1, 2010

I made it!

"The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as a tourist."
- Russell Baker

I’ve made it to Nyon! Honestly, the worst part of my trip was the car ride to the airport. That’s when I thought I might ACTUALLY throw up since NYC drivers just love to floor their gas pedals and then immediately slam on their breaks. The eight-hour plane ride was all right. I did not sleep at all, but I did get to see “The Bounty Hunter,” “She’s Out of My League,” two episodes of “Friends,” “Madmen” (we can talk about constructing gender later), “30 Rock” and an episode of “Cougartown”. My coach picked me up with two of my teammates at the airport. I am seeing that there are certain personalities on every team, and although I am missing my Final Four team back home, I have a couple of your personalities here :)

apartment view!
I think my apartment has a little flare, especially when I look out my window (see for yourself)! The shades are equivalent to storm shutters, which when I close completely makes it 1am at any time during the day in my apartment. This was particularly helpful this morning when my body was telling me it was 1am when it was actually 7am here. I am still learning the ins and outs of what my daily life will consist of: where I will eat my meals, how to walk to the gyms, etc. I’m lucky that Nyon is a small town and even if I walk in the complete opposite direction of where I want to be I can be back on track in a few minutes!
and just like that, I'm home :)
I had my first practice with the team yesterday. We run similar types of offenses that I ran in college. A big difference is that the team LOVES TO RUN…I do not, but I think I’ll be just fine thanks to the training I went through before coming here. Although the girls on my team speak very little English, I felt like I could understand everything during practice. It’s interesting how basketball seems to break down language barriers. So far the court has been where I feel the most comfortable. Also, although my “bonjour” is sounding pretty fluent, I really need to learn some French so I stop ordering crepes when I want chicken!


  1. good luck hil!! keep updating us :)

  2. Wonderful to hear that you are starting to get into the groove of things and how some things just don't change no matter where you are. I got to enjoy the stop and go traffic of Connecticut on Monday when I went up to Boston so now I know how you felt when you went up to Maine. As for your new place the view looks amazing and the sky looks like it's photoshopped into more of a blue than it could ever be. I love you Hooze and hope that you get your chicken soon.

  3. keep taking pictures of the sky! Can you see the big dipper : ) lol. And don't lie, you meant to order crepes...

  4. LIL dipper is the same as Cassiopeia! That's what it is called! NICE PICS. You're a photographer AND a writer! :D